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Frequently Asked Questions ...

How many treatments will I need?

This is different for each person. Sometimes there is an immediate improvement felt after just one treatment but generally a course of treatments would be beneficial, which could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You will feel different after your first treatment but significantly different after your first 5, so the sooner the first five treatments are taken the quicker the results are seen. Fertility treatments are different as I work alongside your menstrual cycle. The first 5 would be weekly and then at certain times of the month to stimulate your hormones and help implantation.
After your initial treatment I will recommend a treatment plan.

Many people find it beneficial to have regular monthly treatments in order to maintain good health and well-being.

Is Reflexology safe in pregnancy?

Yes it is generally considered safe provided all is well with your pregnancy and that the reflexologist knows that you are pregnant.
It is normally recommended that where the mother-to-be has not received reflexology previously, that she waits until week 13 until her placenta is fully established. If you have had reflexology prior to becoming pregnant, then it should be safe to have treatment from conception, but this would need to be discussed with your practitioner.

How many treatments should I have to benefit during pregnancy?

This varies depending on the pregnancy and how you feel. To help your labour a total of 6 to 10+ treatments is recommended to gain the most benefit

When can I commence treatment during pregnancy?

Reflexology is completely safe in pregnancy and you could start anytime, but in general most people prefer to wait until week 13 of their pregnancy.

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